Moving Along

No Dime Design is growing! I am so excited that No Dime Design has almost 100 followers now! You all are a silent bunch but I treasure each and every one of you. When I see your page views and read you comments it lifts me up an encourages me to try new things. 

You may have noticed a few little changes in this little bog in the past few days. I have been playing around behind the scenes, adding buttons and a few ads. I have asked a few friends of mine to be side bar advertisement guinea pigs for me so we can see how that goes.  You will see their buttons popping up on the side bar over the next month or so. 

Thank you all for helping me grow!


  1. As one of your newer members, I offer my congratulations! That is really very exciting.

  2. Thanks Andy! I am so excited about it all too! Thanks for being a member!

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