Dumpster Dresser

Well, here it is at last, my dumpster dresser reveal :) 

This is it when the hubs dragged it home. 
It had been left int he snow, 3 of the drawer aligners were broke, and it was missing a drawer handle. 

You saw my post about what I learned while stripping it here.

And my post about how I made tha knot handles here

And now here it is int he process of being painted and distressed:

This time around I used my Dremel tool to sand off a lot of the edges. SOOOOO much easier! 

Here he is in all his beauty:) 


One thing I thought was really cool about this piece was that it still had a makers mark on it. I was able to look up the company and read about it's history. 

Read the history of the company and see some pictures of the factory for yourself here!

As much as I  absolutely adore that I can look up the history of this piece the very very very best thing about it is the storage. 

1st Drawer
Kids Stuff.
Yes! All of this stuff is up off of the floor and hidden away!

2nd Drawer
Wrapping Supplies. 
The drawers are long enough to fit wrapping paper in with room to spare! How awesome is that! 

3rd Drawer
Scentsy Stuff. 
Those folded bags on the right are HUGE! When these puppies are unfolded I could fit one of my children inside with blanket and pillows and use it instead of a crib/bed.  They have been getting in my way for a while now when they weren't in use. Problem solved.

Top 3 Drawers
Diapers & Wipes
Unused Office Supplies

Yard Sale/Scentsy Party Signs & Portfolio

Pretty sneaky for a little dresser isn't it?  And did you notice not one of those drawers is actually full which means is capable of holding just about 2x as much!

Dear dresser, I love you.


Total cost to refinish less than $15

$10 for the rope
About $4 for the replacement drawer aligner pieces. (Technical I know)




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  1. Nice job! I've had my own hate/hate (no love here) experience with strippers. I'm with you. Sanding may be loud, dusty, and back breaking, but it always gets the job done right the first time!

  2. That came out great. It's beautiful now. I would love for you to come and join my Swing into Spring party with this post. The link stays open through Friday at midnight EST. Hope to see you there.

  3. Wonderful. So many would pass by such a treasure. You could see the possibilities.

  4. It looks great, and very fresh looking. I especially like how you distressed it.

  5. I bet you gave your hubby a big hug for dragging that beauty home! You did a great job transforming it.